adventure time!

So, we have been watching as much adventure time as possible lately, which started because we had so much free time in Hőlar. but, it is also a terrific name for yesterday. we were gone for almost 12 hours adventuring around north east Iceland.

We started in Húsavik, whale watching. The ship we were on was called Bjössi Sjör and it used to be a whaling ship, but is now used purely for whale watching tours. It was so much more fun than I remember it being as a kid (although the being freezing and wondering why it’s three whole hours stayed with me. haha). we saw a few different humpback whales and minke whales, as well as about 4 or 5 different breeds of birds (including puffin, which are a lot smaller than i thought). We saw both whale tails and a chin breach and the whales just kept on comin’ in general.

the blow hole on a whale outside of Húsavík.

I, unfortunately did not get very good pictures on this part of the journey because a)kyle had my spare batteries and so i only had my iphone, but b) i was really enjoying just being present and not worrying so much about missing the snapshot. so there. they fed us hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls on the way back into the harbor and then we got fish and chips back on land; they were the best fish and chips i have ever had.

after Húsavik, we all climbed back into the bus and headed toward Ásbyrgi which was absolutely beautiful. It was the most trees i have seen in once place in Iceland, everything was so luscious and green! right up to the red cliffside.

the cliff side at Ásbyrgi

We spent most of our time here at this little pond/brook thing that had a bunch of ducks floating around in a mossy, clear green. it was absolutely beautiful.

Ásbyrgi had this beautiful pond/brook/streak thing in the valley, separating the forest from the cliffside.

after our 45 minutes stomping through trees and gazing at green everywhere, back onto the bus we went, off to Dettifoss. It was amazing! i have been struggling to find the words to describe this waterfall. first of all, true to icelandic form, it is in the middle of absolutely nowhere:

There are just these rocks and lava/ash sand as far as the eye can see. Also, Dettifoss is a dirty grey color because it is fed by waters that have sediment from volcanoes all up in them. Thurtle pointed out that this yields a darker, sinister look which is probably why they chose it for a scene in Prometheus. Anyway, it is huge and powerful (the mightiest in Europe) and just so grandiose and magnificent… on and on.

beautiful rainbows all day!

so, yeah. there were crazy rainbows the whole time. at one point we walked up to this place where you could see the entire falls (and get a free shower in the process) and we got a full circle rainbow AND a double rainbow. it was like magic.

you could actually walk out onto those rocks near the edge and just stand there overlooking beautiful chaos (/ultimate destruction if you fall in).

i totally went out to the edge of those rocks. it is a crazy feeling to stand on the edge of the world and look down. try it sometime.

we found a path that goes up around the back so you can see the waterfall from the top, where it all begins.

and then, the quieter back side of the falls. we sat and chilled here for a while too.

anyway, yesterday was crazy fun. today was another lazy day, most of it was spent working on this or my knitting. oh, and my group of followers has grown! i’m now helping elliott, johnny, and brian e. all learn to knit (they each get to contribute a square for my blanket too) and vic has taught himself, jasmin, and sort of erik (our t.a.) while melanie was helping tamayo to learn. it’s getting crazy up in here.

i am still working on my post about my readings but it’s taking longer than i wanted it to, so i took a break and wrote this one for you instead.

love you, miss you.

currently listening to: modest mouse.


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My name is Sara. I graduated Summer 2012 from the University of Washington with a BA in English and Comparative History of Ideas. My last quarter of school was a study abroad in Iceland. I have since moved back to my parents' house and am trying to start my life. It's going differently than expected.

One response to “adventure time!”

  1. Ali M says :

    Oh my goodness those rainbow and falls photos are so pretty!!!! Are you knitting yourself a blanket while you’re abroad? That is so rad!!

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